Cavity Treatments That Are as Efficient as They Are Seamless

Cavity Treatments Protect Your Smile and Dental Health

Timely treatment for cavities helps prevent advanced tooth decay. It is a surefire way to prevent future, more complicated dental issues like tooth infections and tooth loss.

Our team at The Florida Center for Laser Dentistry in Hudson, Florida, believes prevention is key in maintaining your dental health. With decades of experience in providing dental care for both children and adults, Dr. Robyn specializes in minimally invasive cavity treatments to protect your smile as well as ensure your comfort.

How Are Dental Cavities Treated?

Cavities are caused by naturally occurring bacteria found in your mouth. This bacteria produces plaque deposits and acids that attack tooth enamel. The constant acid attack eventually punctures the tooth, creating openings or “cavities”.

At The Florida Center for Laser Dentistry, Dr. Robyn uses precision lasers to treat cavities. Lasers make the procedure quicker and more effective as well as less invasive than traditional methods. After cleaning out the tooth decay, Dr. Robyn restores the tooth’s structure using composite fillings that seamlessly blend in with your natural teeth and protect them from further damage.

Benefits of Composite Fillings

The conservative composite fillings we offer at The Florida Center for Laser Dentistry have the following main benefits:

  • They can be customized to match the shade of your natural teeth
  • They protect the tooth from further damage
  • They restore the tooth’s structure and integrity
  • They feel natural and last over 5 years

Advanced Laser Technology Ensures Your Comfort

Dr. Robyn is a firm believer in the benefits of laser technology and as faculty at the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry, she knows that your comfort during your dental visit is just as important as the outcome of the dental procedures. That is why she is committed to providing minimally invasive care using the most advanced solutions.

The precision lasers we use for cavity treatments cause very little discomfort, allowing Dr. Robyn to perform some procedures without anesthesia. They are also more precise, faster than traditional methods, and do not affect adjacent teeth or gums.

Contact Us Today for Laser Cavity Treatment and Composite Fillings

Laser cavity treatment and composite fillings protect your natural smile and are an efficient way of preventing more severe dental issues. For more information, contact The Florida Center for Laser Dentistry and schedule an appointment with Dr. Robyn at (727) 862-8513.