Holidays are always felicitous. You can enjoy your holidays while keeping your oral health perfect with The Florida Center for Laser Dentistry. It is easy to stay healthy on your holidays with some tips. We have gathered some tips to keep your teeth bright, white, and healthy and presented them below.

Keep a Routine

Keep a daily routine of brushing your teeth twice a day. Keep a toothbrush and toothpaste wherever you go. And be sure your toothpaste has fluoride.

Beware of Chlorinated Pools

If the pool is not chlorinated properly it might be acidic and could damage your teeth. Be sure that the pool is chlorinated well and ready to use.

Avoid Candies

Candies are always nice and enjoyable during holidays. But it has many drawbacks, so avoid candies. It can be so sticky on your teeth.

Eat Healthy Food

Choose crunchy fruits and veggies like carrots, broccoli, celery, and cheese. Say no to sticky gummy sugary foods and beverages. Eat foods that protect your enamel.

Drink More Water

Water always provides many benefits to your teeth and body. It can eliminate and help digest food particles and give you an enjoyable vacation.

Post Dental Check-up

Come and visit The Florida Center for Laser Dentistry after your memorable vacation and get your check-ups done. A routine checkup is always good to help preserve your oral health.

Don’t Open Packages With Your Teeth

The tooth is a great tool for chewing but don’t use it to open bottles, packages, snack boxes, or any other things.

Chew Cinnamon Gum

Cinnamon gum does a great job against bacteria formation. During the vacation, it will help you because it contains cinnamaldehyde.

Use Light-Colored Food and Drinks

Don’t get your teeth stained. Use light-colored food and drinks to avoid staining.

Post Vacation Cleaning

Get your teeth cleaned at the Florida Center for Laser Dentistry during your checkups.

Be Prepared

Health problems can come anytime and anywhere. So be prepared for anything that might come during your vacation. Get a dental first aid box with floss, cotton, gauze, over-the-counter pain reliever.

The Florida Center for Laser Dentistry hopes you have the best and memorable vacation ahead with family or friends. Get in touch with us at any time to make your smile bright and white. Visit us at 12124 Cobble Stone Dr, Hudson, FL 34667. Book an appointment by calling or texting us at (727) 862-8513. For further details connect with us via email at 

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