Quality Implants Restored with Crowns

Restore your Dental Implant with a High-Quality Porcelain Crown

Dental implants are one of the most comfortable, durable, and permanent solutions for replacing missing teeth. An implant is a titanium metal post that is surgically placed into your jawbone to substitute missing teeth. Once the implants are placed, the area has healed, and the implant has fused with the jawbone, a replacement tooth is attached on the top of the implant.

Dental Implant Restored With Dental Crowns.

When we replace the individual teeth with an implant crown, it is called an implant restored with dental crowns. Here, to replace a single tooth, we attach a crown to the dental implant with an abutment. Dental crowns are usually fabricated from porcelain, and they look and function just like a normal tooth. The abutment is manufactured from metal, and it attaches the implant to the crown.

The implant crown is the noticeable portion of the implant, and it resembles the natural tooth in terms of color, shape, and size. Once the process is complete, it forms a permanent, durable, fully functional, and aesthetic replacement for missing teeth.

Why Would You Require A Dental Implant With A crown?

One can lose their teeth due to several reasons. These reasons may include:

  • Damage caused by tooth decay
  • Periodontal disease
  • Fractured teeth
  • External trauma
  • Dental infection

Whatever the reason for the tooth loss is, dental implant crowns act as a durable and reliable option to replace the missing teeth and restore oral functionality and aesthetics.

What Are The Benefits Of An Implant Crown?

Implant crowns are perfect for people with one or several missing teeth. They are perfect dental replacements that will last for decades. They can help preserve oral health while improving smile aesthetics.

The major benefits offered by an implant crown are as follows:

  • The cosmetic appearance or the aesthetics offered by implant crowns to one’s smile.
  • Improved oral functionality — implant crowns allow you to eat and talk well.
  • Dental implants are the sole teeth restoration method that prevents jawbone deterioration resulting from tooth loss.
  • Implant crowns prevent the shifting of the other teeth into the site of the missing teeth that may result in an abnormal bite.
  • Implant crowns are one of the long-lasting teeth restoration options that rarely need any replacement or serious repair for years if cared for well.
  • They help maintain optimum oral health by preventing problems associated with tooth loss like oral infection or gum recession.

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