High-End Technology that will Fill Your Cavity

Providing You Advanced and Seamless Dental Care 

Maintaining good oral hygiene needs regular dental visits in addition to brushing and flossing. However, many patients delay or avoid their dentist visits because of fear or anxiety towards dental devices that produce loud, drill-like sounds.

As a solution, The Florida Center For Laser Dentistry offers dental laser treatments like laser dental fillings that in some cases provide injection-less, drill-less fillings.

What Is Contactless Cavity Filling Using A Dental Laser?

In this procedure, this can mean that Dr. Robyn uses a laser beam to cut into the tooth’s spot of decay without affecting the healthy enamel and dentin. The dental laser heats the water molecules in the tooth, thus expanding and dislodging tooth decay.

Using lasers in dentistry is:

  • Virtually free of sounds of dental drills and needles
  • Fast and easy dental procedures
  • Needs no anesthesia for dental procedures, and hence, no numbness to recover from.
  • Dr. Robyn can work on multiple areas of the mouth in a single visit.
  • Offers accurate and precise results.
  • Faster recovery allows you to get back to your daily routine in minutes.

At The Florida Center For Laser Dentistry, we use an erbium laser that helps vaporize oral tissues without physical contact.

With laser technology, dental treatments like cavity fillings can sometimes be performed without any needles or dental drills. This means no incisions or sutures. Thus, you do not need to take additional care of stitches in the mouth.

How Does Laser Filling Work Without Any Pain?

The laser system we use offers a fast, accurate, virtually noiseless, suture-free, and pain-free dental filling that is comfortable for you. And the best thing about dental laser fillings is that they can be safely performed on both adults and kids.

A laser works by emitting amplified light energy that precisely cuts out the affected area of the tooth without causing damage to the surrounding tooth material, tissues, or healthy teeth structure. This is achieved as laser technology uses energy emissions of different wavelengths to target different materials – from decayed teeth to gum tissue and teeth enamel.

Once the laser cleans and disinfects the cavity, Dr. Robyn places the filling material in the treated area.

Compared to conventional drilling technology, dental lasers often require no shots with less sound and vibration. Hence, laser treatments usually do not require anesthesia.

To learn more about the use of lasers in dentistry and to enjoy its benefits, contact The Florida Center for Laser Dentistry at (727) 862-8513 or schedule an appointment online.