Long-Lasting Removable Prosthetics

Restore Your Smile with Removable Prosthetics

Patients with missing teeth due to decay, damage, or injury can rely on removable prosthetics like dentures or partials to replace them with a natural-looking solution. At The Florida Center for Laser Dentistry, Dr. Robyn offers complete dentures and partials for patients who prefer removable teeth replacement options to regain their fully functional smiles.


Dentures are removable prostheses that consist of artificial teeth made of dental-grade ceramic and gums fabricated from acrylic. They are ideal for patients who have undergone complete teeth loss. Dentures restore the missing teeth and surrounding tissues while providing the functionality of natural teeth, while providing support to the jaws, cheeks, and chin.

How are Dentures Fabricated?

At The Florida Center for Laser Dentistry, we customize dentures to fit the unique dental measurements of each person. Dr. Robyn first conducts digital imaging tests to obtain X-rays of your teeth to truly understand the structure of your mouth. The dental impressions are taken and Dr. Robyn custom sets teeth in your denture to your approval. Full dentures consist of a gum-colored base fabricated from resin, secured well over the remaining ridge of the bone by suction. The upper denture gets extra support from the extensive surface area of the roof of your mouth’s palate, making it more stable.

Benefits of Dentures

Apart from being one of the affordable tooth restoration options, removable dentures, restore the functionality of the teeth while exhibiting a natural look. Also, replacing missing teeth with dentures can help preserve your facial contour and oral structure. Dentures are easy to care for, clean, and maintain. They offer a faster replacement option than dental implants, ensuring that you smile and chew well. Though you may need some time to get adjusted to wearing dentures, the mouth’s nerves, muscles, and ligaments will learn to adapt to the dentures over time to permit normal functioning of your mouth.


Partials are removable dentures that replace multiple teeth in the upper or lower jaw. You can benefit from partial dentures if you have lost several teeth due to injury, decay, extraction, or other reasons.

Partials are made of dental-grade ceramic and gum-colored acrylic supported by a metal framework. They mimic the size, color, and overall appearance of your natural teeth.

Benefits of Partials

Partial dentures offer an affordable option if you have some healthy teeth remaining in your mouth. They can help you retain their healthy teeth while restoring dental aesthetics and functionality. Besides, partial dentures are easy to clean, and their placement is non-invasive and is a quick process. With partial dentures, people suffering from tooth loss can possess a fully-functional smile and the confidence it brings.

How are Partials Fabricated?

At your visit, Dr. Robyn will take a dental impression and custom fabricate the partials to your approval to replace missing teeth. The framework itself is supported by clips attached to your natural teeth or retentive clasps that rest on your natural teeth.

Learn more about the benefits of removable dentures and partials, and schedule an appointment with Dr. Robyn. Call The Florida Center for Laser Dentistry, Hudson, FL, at (727) 862-8513 today.