This morning, I had a facial done by Stephanie, the office’s esthetician. This was my first time having a facial done in a medical office. She used the diamond glow on my face and it was great!! She is so knowledgeable and experienced! She explained everything she was doing along the way. I can already tell a difference with my skin. She also recommended Obagi products tailored to my skin. If you’re looking to improve your skin and need help choosing good quality products, I highly recommend setting up an appointment with Stephanie.

Valentina E.

first time visiting Florida Center for Laser Dentistry. By far the best visit to a dental office I’ve experienced. Welcoming staff, professional environment, teeth feel great!!

Adam B.

Went to Dr.Robyn for the first time by a referral from Kyleigh and was very pleased with my visit. The staff is super friendly and the facility is clean. They answered all questions I had and made me feel very comfortable. Will definitely be back and refer anyone looking for Botox to them.

Shady H.

What an awesome experience! I was so skeptical to see a new dentist come into this practice I’ve been going to for what feels like ever but Dr. Robyn was so polite and attentive and it feels like nothing changed, my teeth look better than ever and I’m so happy!

Abdullah A.

I love coming to see DeAnna and the rest of the staff! They do amazing facials and have great deals for Botox and filler. They really take the time on all their patients and make them feel comfortable before doing anything.

Ceci T.

Dr Kimmel was very patient and really listened to my concerns. He went above and beyond to diagnose and treat the issue I was having. He and his staff were kind, caring and professional!

Donna C.

What an amazing experience with Dr Kimmel and team! First and foremost I’d never had Laser Dentistry I can’t imagine why anybody would go anywhere else if you had the laser Dental procedures available! Dr. Kimmel and team were extremely friendly, courteous, professional, funny and efficient! By far the best experience I ever had with going to the dentist! Don’t mess around give dr. Kimball and team a call ASAP!!

Dennis O.

I really enjoy the extra services that are provided at the Florida Center for Laser Dentistry! Dr. Kimmel take great care of his patients from his dental work to the facial esthetics that he and his staff provide! I have been seeing Stephanie for facial for awhile and she knew I was struggling with menopausal/baby belly for years! I go to the gym, workout and can’t seem to get rid of the little belly! Stephanie suggested that I try Cryotherapy for slimming and skin tightening! After just two treatments of Cryotherapy I am very happy and looking forward to more treatment. After the first treatment 2 weeks ago, I lost 1.75 inches off the biggest part of my stomach and another 1.5 inches off the smaller upper section of my stomach. Yesterday I had another treatment and the inches are already falling off (1 inch) and I am sure that when I measure again before the next treatment I will see another drop in inches. I am confident that I have finally found the solution for my unwanted belly! Thanks Stephanie and Dr. Kimmel for helping me find a resolution!

Benita G.

This is my first time writing a Google Review, but Dr. Kimmel deserves one! I cannot tell you what a blessing it has been to have found a dentist who specializes in laser dentistry, which drastically reduces the amount of time spent under that awful drill. I have had severe tinnitus since I was a child. Dental drill noise makes the ringing in my ears louder, so I’ve always been extremely hesitant to get dental work done. Unfortunately, I have a lot of cavities that can no longer be ignored. So last year, I searched high and low for a dentist who could use a laser (instead of a drill) to redo my failing composite fillings. I called about 10 dentists who claimed to use laser technology—and all of them told me that no one used lasers on teeth, only gum. They said it was impossible. Well, thankfully, I found Dr. Kimmel. He and his office staff were so friendly and accommodating. On my first visit, Dr. Kimmel was extremely thorough in his review of my dental health, and most importantly, my dental fears. He knew that my ears are very sensitive to noise because of my tinnitus, and he never belittled me for it. He was able to complete my fillings with the laser—except the very last part where they have to polish the filling (unavoidable). But even with that, he used a low-speed drill and a special bur to minimize the high-pitched whine that really sets my tinnitus off. I appreciated that more than he knows. And what’s more, for 5 years, every dentist I’d seen pressured me to put a crown over my back molar because it was cracked and might split open any second. The composite filling on it was failing, and no dentist would try to fix it because they said it was simply too large and there was too little tooth left. I really didn’t want to crown it because of the extensive drilling involved in that process and also because it can be rather traumatizing to the tooth. Well, Dr. Kimmel took a look and told me he thought he could buy me about 15 years more time with that tooth by redoing the filling with the laser. The filling was very large and the tooth was cracked, but he did a fantastic job. It’s been 8 months since he completed that filling, and the tooth feels great! There is no other dentist I’ve found that has the extensive laser dentistry knowledge and deep compassion that Dr. Kimmel has. I’d recommend him to anyone, especially anyone with dental anxiety. I seriously don’t want to see any other dentist.


Dr. Kimmel is caring and actually talks to his patients! I have never felt more comfortable with a dentist. His staff is fantastic and really makes you feel comfortable. His office is beautiful and state of the art! I reccomend him highly!

Rob M.

My first impression with Dr. Kimmel and staff started with my very first phone call to make an appointment. They were so nice and actually cared and that was just on the phone. I went into the office for my consultation and I was scared and embarrassed but the staff and Dr. Kimmel were absolutely great! If I could give this office 20 stars I would! I found my forever dentist. Thank you 😊

Kristine J.

Amazing office and amazing staff! They make you feel very comfortable and they are all very down to earth! The doc was great as well. Very informative and funny! Great place! I love my lips so far! I will definitely be back 🙂

Tampa S.

Best dentist I have ever been to and I have a fear of dentists! His whole staff is wonderful and makes me feel so comfortable. It’s the first time in my life (and I’m old! lol) that I do not have to be medicated to go to the dentist. He is very gentle and everyone there just “naturally” makes you feel at home. His work is exceptional also. I’ve been to a lot of dentist and no one compares. He IS the best. “Kathie” Forbes

Mason A.

I would give Dr. Kimmel and his entire staff 50 stars if I were able. i AM ONE WHOM HAS ( OR SHOULD I SAY HAD) a dental phobia and have always done sedative dentistry in the past however with the pleasant staff at Florida Center for laser dentistry I have felt differently than in the past. I am a new resident to Florida and needed dental work done. Before I found Dr. Kimmel I went to another dentist for a consult and I felt like I was just another number and a dollar sign to them. Then upon some major Google research and reviews I happened upon Dr. Kimmel and his staff at Florida Laser Dentistry. I met with them and had a consult. I felt like I was a REAL person and that they genuinely cared about me and listened to all of my concerns and what I had to say. They worked up several different options to tackle my needs and we went from there. The entire staff makes you feel like family and to finish up my dental treatment plan I had the pleasure of having Virginia to clean my teeth. It was a welcoming experience with her as well, she took her time and explained many things that no other had taken the time to explain to me before in my 50+ years. You guys are AMAZING ! I would not go anywhere else , my only regret is that I did not find you earlier.

Brenda B.

We were seasonal visitors to Hudson, Florida. We love our regular dentist but I was so impressed with Laser Dentistry and Dr. Kimmel and his entire staff that I will continue to go there in the future. I needed emergency dental work to deal with an infection and pain. He sent me to an endodontist for reconstructive root canal. I then went back to Dr. Kimmel an hour later. He opened up his office after regular hours and built and put in the crown the same day as the root canal. He called me that evening and his office called three days later to see how I was doing. This was my first experience with sedation and I would recommend it for nervous patients. Tami, the dental assistant, stayed with me the entire three hours. I was so impressed with everything at this office. Thank you Susan for getting me the appointment. These guys are the BEST.

Barbara G.

They are all wonderful at this establishment.The owners wife is very knowledgeable and is very concerned about all her patients. Stephanie is very knowledgeable of what she does. Would highly recommend Stephanie for any of your spa needs.

Chester O.

I recently had a microdermabrasion on my face by Stephanie. Oh my, it was absolutely wonderful!! Every woman must treat themselves to this. It is so relaxing laying on the heated table while she puts creams on and a nice massage. You leave feeling like a new woman. You must splurge and buy the creams. They continue to make your face feel ten years younger. I highly recommend everyone go and experience this wonderful treatment!!!

Barbara N.

I am SHOCKED at the difference between The Florida Center For Laser Dentistry and All the other dentists I have visited in my lifetime! I was recently told by a local franchised dentist that I would have to get dentures or crowns on all my front teeth. I was sick to my stomach and mortified at the thought! Then someone told me to get a second opinion from Dr. Kimmel and Boy was I glad I did!! My prognosis was No Crowns, No Teeth Pulling, and No Dentures necessary! Not only that, but the cost for getting my teeth back in shape was THOUSANDS of dollars less than quoted to me by the “franchise” dentist! PLUS, the staff felt like family the Minute I walked in the door! I Highly recommend Dr. Kimmel and The Florida Center For Laser Dentistry.

Kat T.

I am so very pleased with Dr. Kimmel and his staff – they always take time to explain every procedure, concerns, and what the whole experience will be like. Dr. Kimmel is excellent in his knowledge and ability with cosmetic procedures. His location is convenient, office is relaxing and comfortable. His staff is knowledgeable and always interested in your personal situation and making certain that what ever is recommended is what you are looking for and that you understand what the whole procedure will be, what the costs will be and responding to any questions you might have. They always follow up afterwards to make certain you are comfortable and not having any concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Kimmel and his staff for any cosmetic procedures you might be considering.

Clarice D.

Dr. kimmel and his staff are awesome! He does a thorough examination, better than any other dentists I ever been to! He is very informative and patient! The staff go above and beyond for the patients! I travel over 3 hrs 1 way to him. looking forward to having services from him to repair all my damage from previous dentist work that has damaged my mouth. so far so good and hope it stays that way!

Sunset (.

Fantastic place to come to have your teeth cleaned and worked on. Everyone working there has always been amazing and friendly! The doctor saved some of my teeth from being removed. He is skilled and knows what he is doing! Thank you for the amazing service and help that your office has given me! Hope to see you soon.


If you have any fear of the dental chair or the dentist, you need to make an appointment with Dr. Kimmel and his incredible staff. This office is unlike any other, from the minute you walk in the door through your entire visit there is a comfort zone that I’ve never experienced at a dentist office. After the exam and x-rays, I had very little apprehension on my return trip for my cleaning. With subsequent work, I experienced no fear and absolutely no pain during the entire procedure. Dr. Kimmel has put together a winning team at every level, and they sincerely care about the patients and their comfort zone. Dr Kimmel is pretty funny too, which plays a big part in that comfort zone. Love this office and the entire staff, you rock!

Diane M.

I wanted to let you know the experience I had at the office of Dr. Kimmel. I really have not had a dentist I was happy with , so I only would go if I had a problem. My wife has been a patient at Dr. Kimmel’s office for several years and has always raved about the great experiences she has had with them but I was stubborn and would not go. Well Monday evening one of my teeth in the front broke off at the gum and it was very noticeable. I work as an entertainer and my smile is very important to me, I had no idea what I was going to do. My wife decided on her own to stop by the office with a picture of my missing tooth and Susan said she would show the doctor and call us with what could be done. Susan phoned within an hour and had me come in at noon. I was really surprised because I had never been there. I walked into the office and the setting is unlike any dental office I have been in, it is homey & inviting and the entire staff acknowledged me when I walked in. They took me back and they made me comfortable making sure I had no pain. The job he did on my tooth is amazing you would never know that it is not my real tooth. I definitely recommend Center for Laser Dentistry to anyone who needs a good, caring dentist. Thank you Dr. Kimmel & staff you are the best.

Martin S.

Friendly staff, great doctor, awesome facials and other cosmetic services. Love going there

Sue C.

Friendly, Caring, Understanding. All Around Wonderful, that’s why they have served all of my dental needs for over 30 years.

Paula S.

Dr. Kimmel is wonderful, I am very sensitive and he did a wonderful job. The office staff is spectacular. I would highly recommend Dr. Kimmel for all of your dental needs.

John A.

Love this office and the employees! Been going here for years! Would recommend it any day! They do such an amazing job.

Victoria D.

My wife and I have been Dr. Kimmel’s patients for over 29 years for all our dental care and for our 2 daughters as they were growing up. Both Dr.Kimmel and his wife Susan walks and talks us through any dental procedures we have had or need to have in a kind manner and makes it a pleasant experience, weather it be fillings, crowns, root canals, permanent bridge work, gum grafting, and routine cleanings. There work at this dental office is Fantastic! Your in good hands with Dr.Kimmel, his wife Susan, and Beth at the front desk checking you out and making sure all your future appointments are made with a pleasant professional manner and we love there cups of coffee., and including Virginia our dental Hygienist makes it so relaxing and in a professional manner when she cleans our teeth, also the entire staff that assist Dr. Kimmel are the best of the best, you feel special from the time you arrive at there office till the time you leave. We highly recommend you to make your second home for all your dental care needs at Dr. David Kimmel’s office at The Florida Center for Laser Dentistry .You will not be disappointed.

Andrew B.

I’ve been going to Dr. Kimmel for years. I wouldn’t consider going to someone else. They are very gentle which is what we all want when there’s equipment in our mouths and the whole staff is very considerate. Any procedure I’ve gone through is always so fast and easy. Plus he’s a very funny guy! I’d recommend this center for all dental needs! 🙂

C K.

Great experience, front desk staff is peachy keen!

Joel T.

The staff is very pleasant and works with me to make my visit comfortable. I have aroma related allergies and they make special accommodation to make sure I am not exposed to any scents that will bring on an attack.

Eileen M.

I love Dr. Kimmel and his entire staff! He always calls me back promptly when I have had a dental emergency. He and his lovely wife , Susan even met me at his office when I was experiencing pain from TMJ. He and his staff have always guided me in the right direction with my dental care!

Diane S.

Dr. Kimmel and staff are wonderful. They are gentle and kind. Everything is explained beforehand and as they go along. The patient’s comfort and care is a top priority. For anyone who needs a dentist, or is extremely fearful or sensitive, this is the place to go. It is a wonderful experience from the moment you walk in the door.

Tamara A.

A misunderstanding on my part I cannot delete the review above …Dr Kimmel and staff are the best.

Craig Q.

Dr. Kimmel and everyone on the staff are professional, friendly and helped me to feel relaxed and at ease. State of the art equipment and the entire office is immaculately clean. Treatment options are explained simply and clearly. Highly recommended.

Rand H.

Very caring doctor and staff, thank you! Worth the drive!!

Tiffany M.

I do not know anyone who actually likes going to the dentist until NOW. Dr. Kimmel and his staff were amazing. From the moment I called and Beth helped me understand my insurance to the time we walked in the door greeted with smiles! Even my 6 year old daughter cannot wait to go back and get her teeth cleaned! Every stepped was explained to the T. I will recommend Dr. Kimmel and his staff to anyone and everyone. Thank you all so much for making our experience the best! Ashley Liberatore and Grace! 🙂

Ashley L.

Dr. Kimmel and staff are truly a God sent. After 6 months of dealing with a painful situation in my mouth and countless x-rays later I decided to visit Dr. Kimmel for a 2nd opinion. Within 5 minutes of being in his office he had a diagnosis and then a small dental procedure I am without pain. I am so very thankful for the professionalism, genuine kindness, and true family feeling their office demonstrates. Very clean and beautiful office!! I would highly recommend visiting them.

Be S.

Dr Kimmel is a wonderful dentist,his work is Impeccable. Dr Kimmel and his wife Susan make a great team,The entire office staff is very friendly and professional. I have also received services such as Botox and fillers and I am very satisfied with the results.

Debra T.

We were in Florida on vacation when (on the first day there) my brother managed to break a chunk out of his top front tooth. We looked up dentists near Hudson, Florida and chose to call this one first based on the other good reviews. The woman that answered the phone was very polite and was able to get us an appointment at noon that VERY DAY. All of the staff were very nice and patient with us. They allowed us to stay in the exam room for an extra half hour or more while my husband returned to the condo to retrieve the tooth piece that we managed to leave behind. It ended up that the tooth piece was not complete and could not be reattached. So, we decided to wait a week until we returned home to have his tooth fully fixed. The Florida dentist smoothed the tooth out for my brother and sent us on our way. They did not charge us for the extra time spent in the exam room. In fact, they were VERY affordable. If I lived near Hudson, Florida, I would recommend this dentist to anyone.


I felt shopping for a Dentist was like trying to find a great auto mechanic. In one month I went to three Dentists. The first one wanted $7000 to fix my teeth. Root canals land the such. The second one wanted almost $4000 for root canals, caps, etc. I finally broke down and went to Dr. Kimmel, where my kids and their mother go. WOW, the most thorough Dentist I have been to in my 523 years. The Staff was great and the work painless. In short, he filled two cavities and I was done. No root canals or caps. Anyway, although he is over an hour away, I found my new Dentist. Thorough, Fair and explains everything…… The other’s get you in the door with a free x-ray and visit, then go for the wallet. Dr. Kimmel is the Dentist to go to….

Gary K.

Honest, helpful and they know there stuff.

Tim M.