Teeth Whitening for a Bright New Smile in Under 90 Minutes

Astonishing Results for Improved Self-Confidence

While teeth stains and discoloration are generally inevitable and have a wide range of causes, a simple way of eliminating these imperfections keeping you from enjoying a confident, healthy smile is only a dental appointment away.

At The Florida Center for Laser Dentistry, our experienced team uses the most advanced teeth whitening techniques and solutions to brighten your smile by up to 7 shades in a little as 90 minutes. If you have an upcoming wedding, special event, or simply want to dramatically improve your confidence, our teeth whitening treatments are the solution.

What Causes Tooth Stains and Discoloration?

Tooth stains and discoloration can be caused by:

  • Aging
  • Smoking
  • Dark pigment foods like blueberries and red sauces
  • Teeth-staining drinks like coffee and red wine
  • Certain medications

In-Office Teeth Whitening at The Florida Center for Laser Dentistry

At The Florida Center for Laser Dentistry, we focus on offering you the most convenient treatments and procedures that can improve their oral health and maintain your gorgeous smiles.

For the best teeth whitening results, our team provides professional in-office laser treatments. The benefits of in-office teeth whitening treatments are:

  • Immediate results in only one 90-minute dental appointment
  • Use powerful bleaching agents and laser techniques
  • Long-lasting results easily maintained with routine oral hygiene habits
  • Perfect for patients with busy schedules or upcoming special events

Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kits From The Florida Center for Laser Dentistry

If a dental appointment for teeth whitening is not your cup of tea and you prefer a do-it-yourself approach, you don’t need to rely on basic, over-the-counter solutions. They may take months to show results.

At The Florida Center for Laser Dentistry, we offer customized take-home teeth whitening kits that ensure a comfortable fit and dazzling results in less time than DIY options. Our kits come complete with highly concentrated whitening solutions, instructions on how to carry out the treatment, and recommendations for maintaining the results.

The main benefits of take-home teeth whitening kits are:

  • More convenient and more affordable
  • Easier to use and more comfortable to wear
  • Provide better results in less time
  • Long-lasting shine and smoothness

Contact Us Today for Professional Teeth Whitening

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