Gentle Tooth Extractions That Safeguard Your Dental Health

Tooth Extraction Can Be the Best Solution for Your Dental Health

When a tooth is unsalvageable or risks affecting your other teeth or jawbone and has the potential to cause more severe dental health issues, removing the tooth is the best way to protect your oral health.

Dr. Robyn at The Florida Center for Laser Dentistry in Hudson, Florida, together with our experienced team, is committed to providing the best treatments and procedures for your smile. We always go above and beyond to find the most viable solutions and save your natural tooth and only recommend tooth extraction when it is the only solution that can maintain and improve their dental health.

When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Tooth extractions may be the appropriate solution for you or a family member in several scenarios, including:

  • Impacted or severely damaged baby teeth
  • Badly broken or damaged teeth
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • For orthodontic treatments (premolar or other teeth)
  • Severely decayed or damaged teeth
  • Teeth affected by periodontal disease

Tooth Extractions at The Florida Center for Laser Dentistry

When you visit The Florida Center for Laser Dentistry, you can rest assured that Dr. Robyn has the know-how and experience to recommend and provide the dental treatments and procedures you can benefit most from. When that solution is a tooth extraction, Dr. Robyn will walk you through the reasons why the procedure is required and also provide sedation options to ensure your comfort.

The two main types of laser-assisted extractions performed by Dr. Robyn are:

  • Simple – performed when the tooth is visible and has erupted through the gum. A laser is used to help loosen the tooth within the bone, making the extraction less traumatic.
  • Surgical– performed through a laser incision when the tooth has not erupted through the gum or is broken. The laser is used to help remove the tooth as well as promotes healing to increase the comfort of the extraction.

If necessary, Dr. Robyn also performs emergency tooth extractions.

Tooth Replacement Options After Tooth Extraction

Dr. Robyn will also discuss tooth replacement options with you and help you decide on the solution that best suits your specific needs. Dental bridges (either traditional or implant-supported) and dental implants are two of the most common dental restorations.

If you choose a dental implant, your jawbone must be able to support it. If the jawbone density is not adequate, Dr. Robyn may also perform a socket preservation or bone graft procedure after the tooth extraction to ensure the success of the implant procedure.

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